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Dear friend, support the ASSISI MISSIO FOUNDATION ONLUS with your 5x1000;  thanks to your choice you can support us to carry on the many projects we begun in Italy and abroad.

Help us to diffuse the notice.

Thanks to your support we’ll try to create a better future for hundreds of children and people in hardship.


What is 5x1000?

Also this year you can appoint your 5x1000 of IRPEF to support no profit organizations. This choice does not involve any expenses for you ‘cause this is a share of tax to which the State give up. If you do not make any choice, 5 x 1000 will remain to the State.

 How to give the 5x1000 to assisi missio ONLUS?

It’s really simple:
Fill in the form 730, CUD or Modello Unico; put your sign in the box “Support to no profit organization of social utility, to –Associations of social promotion…” indicate the fiscl code of ASSISI MISSIO ONLUS :