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In addition to volunteer activities, Assisi Missio Foundation  is committed in the territory in several activities some of local nature and some others nationals. The aim is the missionary animation: the foundation is committed through meetings, testimonies, missionary days and organization of events, in spread the missionary spirit and the Beauty of giving to others.

One of the goals of the Foundation is just that: to approach people to the idea of mission up to make it a choice for the everyday; a choice that can reach the existential and morals suburbs and to those more distant geographically.

The missionary days, cultural and formative meeting, the fundraising events, become an instrument to a practical support to the projects in the Capuchin Friars’s missions but also to involve people in “doing good that is good” first of all to those who do. Regarding this is important the contribution of the “ASSISI MISSIO NETWORK”.


Ra.Mi ONLUS – Ragazzi Missionari (Missionary boys) is an Association that deals with social voluntary service in Italy and in the world. It consists by a group of boys that want to spread and introduce the way of the Mission in everyday life, beginning with a smile, an hug that makes the Other feel welcomed. Young men joined by the desired to share the experience of life, solidarity and spirituality, placing at the center people and not things.


It’s an historical museum, ethnographic, scientific and missionariy that allows to meet on several levels the Region of the Upper Solimões; its inexhaustible wealth of flora and fauna; the Ticuna’s native land and the Brazilian multicolored world; the Capuchin Friars, Umbrian first and then Brazilians, that in that lands have built churches, hospitals, schools and factories.

"Insieme Fratelli Indios” (Together Brothers Indios) i san Association fonde in 1984. To group of Christian and social inspiration joined some friends that, with their families, realised to share not only interests of leisure and work but also the sensitivity to the living conditions of the people of the third world and the related missionary problems. The Association came into contact with the Umbrians Capuchins working in Amazon from 70 years; the Association named “Insieme Tikunas” (Together Tikunas), started its work. Today AIFI is an Onlus that works mainly in the Amazon but also in Africa and India implementing its projects of solidarity.


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