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Fray Valerio… not so serious!

25 February 2014

Love, good mood, Charity. This is the ABC that permeate this special book. “Brother Valerio” Di Carlo say to be “not so serious” ‘cause he faces life in joy and writing successful jokes, so that his book (also appreciated by the Pope) is at the seventh edition.

But the dean of the Capuchins in Assisi is very serious in donating the entire proceeds of sales to realize only charities. Love and Charity that blend with the good mood and offer Hope. At more than 80 years of age, Brother Valerio goes in the Apple Appstore too, showing that enthusiasm and desire to do have no boundaries. Neither technological.

To buy this funny book means not to be alone and contribute to improve the conditions of life of children and adults less fortunate. Few euro, a great moral and Christian satisfaction. The video contributions that you’ll find inside the pages lets you listen and see, in addition to smile, and open your hearts to the Good. Many thanks for choosing Brother Valerio…Not so serious!”

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