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 S. Francesco, since the beginning of his calling to the evangelical life, felt the Jesus call to spread to everybody his proclamation of salvation: “go all over the world and preach my Gospel to every creature”.
That’s why Franciscans are the first missionary order into the Church. Still in this days the Capuchin continuous this action in order that every man can meet Lord in his life, even through the meeting with the youngest and poor.

There are many missionary groups near the Friars, benefactors and friends that collaborate to the proclamation of the gospel not only with material aid but, most of all, with pray; pray support in difficult times of the mission and become reason to praise in moments of joy.

Through the pray every body can feel missioner themselves and be part of a unique and great family gathered by Christ and His Spirit that exceed the limits of space and time and the barriers of language, culture and the skin color.